We have an extensive range of products to aid in the correction process. Take a look at our range of Compounds & Polishes, Glazes, Metal Polishes, Paint Cleansers or Panel Wipes.

Correction is a term used to categorise a wide range of detailing tasks. Generally, it refers to the removal or masking of paintwork defects such as swirls, scratches or etching.

The process can involve a simple hand polish or glaze, to a full machine polish with a powered tool such as a rotary polisher or DA machine polisher, otherwise known as a dual action polisher.

Whatever the correction stage, we have the best polish for cars, with our extensive range of compounds and polishes, glazes, machine polishers and ancillary items such as panel wipe. Everything you need to perform any correction task from all your favourite brands like Angelwax, Koch Chemie, Scholl Concepts, Sonax and many more.

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