Tac System

In 60s, the Korean economy was very backward, and the living conditions were very poor. At that time a little boy was born in a noble family.Because he was curious about the structure of televisions and tape recorders, he often disassembled them piece bypiece .Although he was often chased by his father with a broom in the backyard ,but he never gave up studying these appliances. After junior high school, he was able to make his first sound boxby himself, successfully sold it to his classmates, and earned his first pot of gold.

As a result of Challenging to the unknown field of his own mind, he received a variety of honorary and qualification certificates during his school years . Even though he was very eager for success and self challenge after the graduation, he gave up the opportunity to serve as executive ina famous enterprise. To follow his dreams he devotedand dedicated himself to developing and selling his own car detailing products . In order to facilitate the introduction of products to customers, every morning he loaded all of his products in a big truck,and drove thetruck to every car detailing shop to sell them. However, unfortunately no one was willing to buy his products over two weeks, and he suffered from the lack of sales.

It happened one day when he drove his truck early in the morning to sell his products as usual. When he just walked into a shop, a shop assistant threw him out the door, and said to him: "It's a really bad luck! In the early morning, instead of acustomer, a salesman walked in. Just get out of here as soon as possible!" While he was walking out of the shop with his frustration, another salesmanwalked in. However, the shop assistant greeted him with smile instead of yelling. Experiencing these two different treatments in that morning, he was deeply hurt. However, he did not give up. When he got home in the evening, he summed up the experience and lesson of the day, and herealized that business transactions in South Korea relied on the familiar connections.

Therefore, on the second day, he changed the strategy, and chose to go to the door to door sales at noon, with chewing gum,smoking cigarettes and drinking cola. Every time when he went to the car detailing shops, he would say hello to the employees or the boss. And when he talked to them, he would give them a gum, a cigarette or a bottle of coke at the right time. Gradually, the shop assistants became more and more friendly with him. One day, a shop assistant who was in charge of the car wash recommended him to her boss. The boss was very surprised byhis knowledge of his own professional car care product , and very pleased to tell him: "Well done! You will be responsible for the supply of my shop." As a result,it did not take much time for his productsto occupy the whole market for all the car detailing shops in the Suncheon city.

Later, he found that the existing car care products were very simple, andcould not makeany cars more beautiful. So he developed the idea of self research and development. Therefore, TACSYSTEM brand was born, and this young man, Seol JaeCheol became the founder of TACSYSTEM.