SONAX offer a comprehensive product range. Everything that the professional or enthusiast needs to clean and care for vehicle surfaces such as paintwork, windows, leather and plastic. Car care, polishes & car wash products from SONAX enable you to clean and polish like the professionals.

Do you love your car? So do we. Thanks to our passion for cars, SONAX is the worldwide product specialist for the surface care and cleaning of vehicles and machines. From the manual wash for those loving the details to the automated carwash, from spectacular racing and craftsmanship to agriculture and bicycle care, we stand for optical and functional durability. And for premium quality. This is how we make your passion shine.

SONAX is a leading manufacturer in its field with over 50 years of experience.

From compact cars and medium-sized vehicles to luxury cars, from motorsports and the tuning scene to the world of classic cars: SONAX supports all car enthusiasts and experts when it comes to the perfect appearance of vehicles.

The history of SONAX goes back to 1903. At that time, Franz Hoffmann, the great-grandfather of the current company owner, extracted silica an extremely fine mineral that was used in household polishes - in Neuburg on the Danube.

After World War II, Franz Hoffmann began manufacturing care products. The “Sona” brand was mainly used for household silver polishes; for car care products, an “X” as a synonym for wax was added “SONAX” was born.

The beginning was of simple nature: four SONAX representatives drove through Germany in fully loaded VW Beetles. It was the personal contact to customers that counted: at that time, advertising was unimaginable.

For the perfect appearance of the automobile

With the German economic miracle came the breakthrough for SONAX car care products. From the mid-1960s onwards, SONAX supplied the first fully automatic carwashes with high-quality cleaning and care products. At the same time, the program for manual car care had been advanced continuously. More and more people proudly afforded private cars. On Saturdays, the car was ritually washed, rarely by the petrol pump attendant but rather manually by the proud car owner. The demand for car care products rose sharply and with it the success of the SONAX brand.

Soon, SONAX opened up further markets: agricultural industry, hardware trade, forestry sector, construction, production engineering or the sanitary sector all of them rely on premium SONAX products.

Brilliant ideas for today's and tomorrow's successes

The research department of SONAX works continuously to make good products even better. Permanent innovation activities, again and again, direct the markets' attention to SONAX products.

Today you can get SONAX in over 100 countries around the world. The export share has grown to over 43 percent. Worldwide, SONAX products stand for the highest quality “made in Germany” and convince with an excellent effect and outstanding performance. Many successful tests and awards of independent institutions underline this year after year.

In spite of the rapid career from silver polish to the world-famous premium manufacturer of care products of all kinds, SONAX has always remained a family business with regional roots.