High Definition Detail

The High Definition Detail range, designed and developed by professionals. Excellent products, suitable for enthusiasts or professional detailers and valeters.

High Definition Detail only develop products they feel are important to detailing. Developed over 3+ years, the range continues to grow. Bringing new formulas to the market that allows them to stay relevant and appeal to their niche.

HDD is Barnsley's largest and longest established professional car detailing company. You can be sure that they know what makes a good product.

Specialists in detailing, HDD offer the following services:

  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Enhancement
  • Machine Polishing
  • New Car Protection
  • Professional Ceramic Coating

High Definition Detail offer a variety of detailing packages to suit all budgets. Accredited and approved by respected Brands including SiRamik and Angelwax.

High Definition Detail concentrate on bringing specific, quality products to market. Tested to ensure each item is perfect for the intended detailing task. This makes HDD a small but regarded range.

For us the whole range is great but there are three detailing products that stand out.

HDD BrakeThrough is one of the most known wheel shampoos on the market today. Earning it's reputation by being very effective at removing brake dust and grime. Making the task of cleaning wheels a breeze.

HDD Hydrology is one of the longest-lasting glass sealants we have used. Achieving over 6 months on a windscreen and 12 months on side windows. High Definition Detail recently bought out a screen wash that works with Hydrology. Designed to keep your windscreen clean and Hydrology effective for longer.

HDD Panel Prep is a staple favourite among our pro detailing customers. Perfect for that final wipe down before the application of a sealant, wax or ceramic coating.

The rest of the range is no slouch either! Road Rage and Grime Zero for all those dirty jobs and the new Refulgence sealant for protection. If you have not tried the range, we recommend you do.