Garage Therapy

Garage Therapy has a vision. To bring premium, high-quality car care products that truly deliver in performance, quality and value.

Garage Therapy Ltd was established in 2019 by two friends, Marios Sergides, an IT Professional and Rodger Holmes, a Structural Engineer. Two big car enthusiasts with a passion for automotive detailing who have been professionally detailing cars since 2008.


GT products are made to perform. Their range of products has been rigorously tested and vetted by automotive detailing professionals and industry experts, from some of the most respected detailing channels on the planet.


Only premium chemicals are used in GT products, with no cutting corners. Whether advanced detergents or high-grade surfactants, only the best will do.


GT aim's to provide more value from versatile products, whilst maintaining the highest quality, performance, standards and principles.

In the pursuit of excellence, Garage Therapy brings premium car care to enthusiasts, prosumers and industry professionals. Products that deserve a place in their detailing armoury.

Garage Therapy products fall into 4 categories that represent the detailing stage they relate to.


One of the early stages in car cleaning is the cleanse. The Garage Therapy /ZERO: CLEANSE range contains a Decontamination Shampoo for cleansing your paintwork, an Interior Cleaner that can be used on most interior surfaces and Iron Oxide, an iron fallout remover with fantastic cleaning abilities.


The maintenance range is designed for regular use, to keep your vehicle interior and exterior clean. The Garage Therapy /ONE: MAINTENANCE range contains a Wheel Shampoo that will safely and effectively cut through road grime and brake dust, a Pure Car Shampoo for cleaning your paintwork, a Glass Cleaner that contains premium grade surfactants for optimal cleaning performance and a Leather Cleaner suitable for all interior leather surfaces.


Car Protection is key to ensure your vehicle is easy to maintain. The Garage Therapy /TWO: PROTECTION range includes Sigma, a hybrid spray sealant with un-rivalled water behaviour and gloss enhancement properties, a Quick Detailer that is easy to use offering great results and Leather Protect, the perfect accompaniment to their Leather Cleaner.


The Garage Therapy /THREE: COATINGS range contains a Ceramic Spray Sealant that makes an excellent base layer for Sigma. Using Sigma as a topper increases the effect and longevity of the Ceramic Sealant.