Autoglym creates and distributes premium vehicle care products for global markets. Their extensive product range has secured them two Royal Warrants of Appointment and many approvals from leading vehicle manufacturers around the world!

Founded in 1965, Autoglym's quest for perfection began with eight pioneering car care treatments that breathed new life into tired bodywork and wheels. Autoglym quickly became a trusted name, finding a home on shelves across the nation's car dealerships and garages.

In 1978 Autoglym released Radiant Wax polish that cemented their relationship with Britains motor trade, soon realising that their commitment to quality car care was shared across the globe. Starting in Scandinavia, Holland and Germany they quickly grew through Europe. Today Autoglym helps maintain automotive heroes in over forty countries.

Looking brilliant means a little bit of maintenance, and it was not long before enthusiasts at home wanted their cars to stay as pristine as when they first left the showroom. In 1984, Autoglym led the way in creating a range of easy to use high-class treatments for the high street, a range they continue to innovate and develop. Today, Autoglym provides more than sixty specialist products for dedicated drivers.

Autoglym earned the Royal Warrants of Appointment to HRH The Queen Mother in 1991, but we were truly humbled by the confidence placed in them when they were also awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales in the same year. Made in Great Britain for Great Britain, Autoglym's rapid extension meant finding a new home in Letchworth Garden City.

1994 saw Autoglym introduce the Public Service Vehicle division for buses, coaches and trains across the nation.

Only the finest technology will mean long-lasting lustre, and in 2004 Autoglym perfected the LifeShine system for total vehicle protection right out the gate. With treatments for bodywork, interiors and glass, LifeShine has kept thousands of cars shining as brightly as on their first drive, whatever the weather. A third Royal Warrant of Appointment, this time to Her Majesty The Queen, kept Autoglym celebrating.

In 2008 Autoglym developed their best wax yet. Taking years of refinement to get there, but that’s just how dedicated they are to looking good. Autoglym High Definition Wax was perfected from countless formulations and months of testing to create something leagues ahead of the stiff, unwieldy alternatives previously available on the market.

Fast forward to 2012 and Autoglym's innovation team set a new benchmark for the highest standard in car care. Their leading polish may have legendary status amongst motor owners the world over, but after 48 years a reformulated Super Resin Polish was born. The best was made even better. You'll be hard-pressed to find a car enthusiast's garage without a bottle.

Autoglym celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2015. Fifty years of continuous innovation across a range of products meticulously designed for a lasting shine. To celebrate they teamed up with their motorsport partners to develop Wheel Protector, a super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust adhesion so your wheels remain cleaner for longer.

In 2016 their newly launched Headlight Restoration Complete Kit was recognised in Auto Express winning the ‘2016 Best Buy’ award. Paint Renovator and Wheel Protector were also ‘Commended’ in their product test categories.

Autoglym remains at the forefront of the car care industry still today, their Ultra High Definition and Polar ranges securing their place firmly into the car detailing world, for professionals, enthusiasts and home users alike.