Angelwax are a small group of industrial chemists who have worked together for over 25 years in the chemical industry. Angelwax formulate and manufacture a wide range of detailing products for the automotive industry.

Based in Scotland near the city of Glasgow, Angelwax have a research, development and manufacturing facility, where all of the Angelwax product range is created before being shipped all over the world.

Their liquids and wax products are made in small batches by hand and then stringently tested to ensure that only the finest quality detailing products leave their premises to adorn your vehicle.

“All of our creations are exact, precise and genius in nature”.  The unique range of detailing waxes contain the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade wax the world has to offer and when combined with a unique blend of natural oils they leave a finish that is unsurpassed with the durability to outlast even the most expensive waxes available in today’s market.

Besides their detailing product range, Angelwax formulate and manufacture a wide range of specialist marking inks for various applications & industries, including marking inks for BT’s telecommunications cables. As well as inks, they formulate & manufacture UV varnishes & photo initiators for the printing and packaging industry.

It is with this experience that in 2006 Angelwax ventured into the unknown and started researching, developing and designing an entire range of award winning detailing products for the automotive industry, the results can only be described as awe inspiring.