303 Products

303 Products includes cleaners, protectants, and fabric guards used on cars, boats, motorcycles, kayaks, patio furniture, and more. Including the world famous Aerospace Protectant! The 303 Automotive range uses the best scientific formulas to keep your car or motorcycle looking newer for longer.

303 Products bring together years of experience to create a car care range that offers the ultimate in shine and protection. Designed to protect and preserve the many surfaces of your vehicles, outdoor equipment and furniture.

Featuring an unparalleled selection of leading protectants and cleaners, 303 Products are ideal for use on cars, motorcycles, boats, patio furniture and more! 303 Products keep the things you love looking newer and lasting longer.

303 Products are manufactured by Gold Eagle. Gold Eagle was founded in 1932 and has provided products for millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

303 Products are renowned around the world for creating 5-star protectants and cleaners, coming highly recommended by companies such Disney World, motorhome market leaders Winnebago and indoor and outdoor fabric experts Sunbrella.

When you love something, it shows. That's why avid boaters, car enthusiasts and homeowners have turned to 303 protectants and cleaners for over 35 years.

The 303 Brand knows what that love entails: Slightly obsessive standards, meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering desire for time to stand still and let perfection last just a little longer.

Since 303 products were originally developed in 1980 to protect aircraft, they always start with a deep understanding of the natural forces working against your most prized possessions – whether it's harmful UV rays, high-speed winds, water damage, or just the natural wear of time. Then 303 works to formulate the most effective solution possible.

The Gold Eagle 303 Products portfolio includes industry-leading aerospace protectants, auto detailers and even household cleaners, all their premium products are guided by the same philosophy: If it's important enough for you to call it “your baby,” you had better treat it that way.