Pyramid Car Care

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Showing all 15 results

County Detailing Supplies is proud to supply a full range of car care and detailing products by Pyramid Car Care.

A relatively new brand, Pyramid Car Care products are highly regarded by many professional detailers and the brand has been making waves since the release it’s Premium Ceramic Coating.

Their Ceramic Coating boasts a 20 minute dry-time and 4 hour cure time (although full cure to 9h hardness takes 3 days, it is safe to get the vehicle wet after 4 hours) which dramatically reduces the waiting time for customers of professional detailers. This coating requires no special equipment or as drying lamps, and it can be applied outdoors in the right conditions. As with all Ceramic Coatings we recommend wearing gloves and a breathing mask.

Not one to listen to the hype, we put Pyramid Car Care’s products to the test. Passing all but one product with flying colours. Our favourites include Glass Cleaner, Glass Armour and Quick Detailer Pro. We chose not to stock the standard Quick Detailer but when you try Quick Detailer Pro, you will understand why.