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Showing all 12 results

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my Company and our history. I started my career in the chemical industry in the 80’s. However, in the late 90’s I was offered a position as a business development manager in the UK for a Norwegian Company that was selling microfibre products in Scandinavia. At this time microfibre was only made by ACT in Sweden, as they were the manufacturer that ‘discovered’ it. I was very impressed with this new product and decided to take a ‘leap of faith’.

After a year or so, helping set up the E-Cloth in the UK working with Enviro-Products Limited and Norwex AS in Norway, I took over the UK operation for trade sales and re-launched the Company as Paragon Microfibre Limited. This was in 2001. Since then Paragon now has a Company in Norway, Paragon Norge, and one in Czech. In addition we have a large distributer network across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

We now have over 26 website shops across Europe and hold stock in excess of 2 million pieces.

It’s been quite a journey! We now hope that you can buy with confidence from us and that we can both look forward to a prosperous future!