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Showing all 20 results

The MOORE Polishing Pads are produced in Europe using nothing but the highest quality materials. The line was available on demand for business from summer 2017 and released to the private market in July 2018. The Moore polishing pads are made of a high-quality German foam and a self-developed, high strength Velcro backing. These days, polishing pads are expected to last and are not classed as a disposable item, the machines are getting more powerful and the paint is getting harder and more demanding to work with! The Moore polishing pads have been developed with all these changes over the year in mind and developed specifically to meet the performance demand.

Moore currently has 3 ranges of polishing pads 1 line with microfibre pads and 2 lines with foam pads. The foam pads consist of 4 colours / gradations and the microfibre pads of 3 colours / grades This is to keep it simple and clear, just back to the basics!

  1. The classic line polishing pads, these foam pads are mainly developed for rotary machines, or Dual action with a low throw of 5 or 7 mm. Available in 80, 135 and 150 mm
  2. The Dual Action polishing pads, these foam pads have been developed for the Dual Action machines with a larger throw of 7 to 21 mm. These pads are available from 35 mm and are therefore also very suitable for the mini polisher
  3. The microfibre line, these pads replace the traditional foam pads. The extra cut can even replace the traditional wool! Because of the short fibre of the extra cut this pad has just a bit more bite on the harder paints!

When you are looking for high quality foam pads at a competitive price, the Moore pads are definitely for you!